Great sod gives you a lush, beautiful lawn in hours. Mirimichi Turf Farm prides itself in providing some of the highest-quality sod for the Memphis area and the Mid-South. The following are some basic steps to choosing sod for a beautiful lawn.

How do I know what type of sod I need?

Choosing the right grass for your home is easy. Mirimichi Turf Farm carries a variety of grass types to suit any lawn. First, you’ll need to know how your yard functions. Does your lawn receive direct sunlight the majority of the day? Or, does your lawn get limited amounts of sunlight and consist of mostly shade? Are there places in your lawn that are high-traffic areas?

Mirimichi Hybrid Bermuda grass is best suited for high-trafficked areas and lawns that receive full, direct sunshine. Mirimichi Zoysia grass grows well in the shade and retains its dark green color late into the fall season. Still have questions? A Mirimichi turfgrass specialist is available to answer questions and assist you with choosing sod for your lawn.

Why Mirimichi Sod?

A lawn that is sodded needs minor maintenance because it is healthy, mature grass when installed. Mirimichi Turfgrass is grown under expert supervision from top quality seed blends. After your Mirimichi sod is installed, just water and mow and it should remain healthy.

 When is the best time to lay sod?

Sod can be installed almost anytime during the year; however, spring and early autumn are usually the best times to install sod because of the cool temperatures. If you choose to install sod during the summer, be sure to water it at least once a day for several weeks.

Install your sod as soon as possible and water thoroughly. Sod needs to have good ground contact and moisture to survive, that is why at Mirimichi Turf Farm sod is cut as close to pick up or delivery time as possible.

How do I know how much sod I need?

First, decide what areas of your lawn you want to sod. Next, measure those areas. It may help to draw shapes on a piece of paper that represent areas of your lawn. Measure each shape separately and then add all the square footage together.

For example, to figure the square footage of a rectangle, measure the length and width and multiply. If you still need help, a Mirimichi Turf specialist will be happy to assist you in determining the amount of sod you need for your lawn.