Mirimichi Zoysia Grass

Mirimichi Zoysia grass has a medium bladed leaf texture and is tolerant of heat, drought, salinity and heavy traffic. In addition, our zoysia grass grows well in the shade and also retains its dark green color late in the fall season. Mirimichi Zoysia grass has an extensive root system and high density, which weeds and disease seldom invade. This sod is a high-quality grass that requires low maintenance after established.

This turfgrass is excellent for home lawns, golf courses, playgrounds and parks. Zoysia performs best when maintained between .75-2.5 inches. Light Requirements: Shade; all day sunshine filtered through scattered hardwood trees OR direct sunshine at least three hours per day

Mirimichi Hybrid Bermuda Grass

Mirimichi Hybrid Bermuda grass has a fine to medium leaf texture, a soft feel, and is one of the most cold hardy Bermuda grasses. This sod has an extremely rapid rate of establishment. It is also highly disease resistant and withstands wear better than any other grasses.

Mirimichi Hybrid Bermuda grass is best suited for areas requiring high-quality turf, including fairways, tee boxes, playgrounds and athletic fields. The turf grass performs best when maintained at 0.5 to 2.5 inches. Sunlight Requirements: full sunshine; eight hours of unfiltered sunshine sometime between sunrise and sunset


Mirimichi Fescue/Hybrid Bermuda Grass

Mirimichi Fescue/Hybrid Bermuda

Fescue Grasses are cool season grasses. Fescues are known for not only their drought tolerance, but also their shade tolerance, which makes Fescue a desirable species of grass because of its suitability to different conditions. Fescue grasses possess the ability to stay green all year long as well, which only adds to their desirabilty as a turfgrass species. Most cool season grass species do not perform well in the lower area of the transition zone where the seasons are too hot for them to survive, and most warm season grasses cannot thrive in the upper part of the transition zone where the seasons are too cool for the grasses to grow and prosper. Fescues grasses are able to effectively fill in this gap in growing conditions, and have been known to thrive where many other species will not grow.

We overseed our Hybrid Bermuda with a Shady Fescue mix to create a very versatile product. Call for details!